Sunday 31 March 2013

Going beyond the limit

After the #iBikeLDN East(er) Ride yesterday I was riding back to "The HiVE" when I could feel something odd under braking. I pulled over to check if something was caught in the wheels and discovered something so gruesome it brought a tear to my eye

My dear readers, the photos below are of a graphic nature you have been warned.
Worn out Rim
Serious wear
The gruesome sight

But do not fear, Bumble B may be a little poorly but he will be back on the road in no time and better than ever. This has just bought forward a series of upgrades I have been planning for the last few months.

I had been warned by my local bike shop when I had his rear cog and chain replaced just before the IG London Nocturne back in January that my rims will need replacing soon and to keep an eye on it especially the rear one.

Bumble B is 4 yrs old in June and that is a long time for rims to last on a small wheeled bike. I probably do more mileage than some riders I guess and I really push myself and Bumble B to the limit especial recently with my extra training for the rides I have coming up in the next few months.

We managed to limp home but he is totally out of action till I get his upgrades, hopefully sometime this week.

I have a big ride coming next Saturday 6th April (LBC Ride: London to Cambridge) and may not have all the parts needed for the full upgrade I have planned but he will be functional. I'll work something out one way or the other cause I have a major score to settle with this particular ride.

Don't worry dear readers he will still look just as awesome but he will be a different beast mechanically as I'm turning him into a M6L (3 speed to 6 speed)

Brompton Bumble B 2.0


  1. Well thank you for your educating pics as I had never seen a worn rim before; indicative of a sheltered life. You are so right in upgrading him to 6 speed. That is what I have but when I ordered my bike I specified a reduction of 12% and am so glad I did. Hills don't beat me no more, not like they did when I had been borrowing a 3 speed. So, I hope you can get a replacement wheel quickly and get him back on the road in time for your London to Cambridge ride next weekend.

    1. Hope so as me and B have the demon of the LBC London to Cambridge Recce ride to kill

  2. Mr.B.
    As a very last resort, you know I have a 6 speed (Bluey) that you can use for the ride.
    I'll be running Safety Vehicle on this one

    1. Very gracious of you my friend, if all else fails then I shall be calling on Bluey to step up to the challenge to help me slay this demon of LBC: London to Cambridge ride :)

  3. You and The Legend will love the 6-speed! I've had my M6R for over 700 miles now, and those gears are truly "broad range".

    Hope The Legend has his wheels and is in fighting trim again in short order.