Wednesday 6 March 2013

Altura Night Vision Jacket

I've had this jacket for a few months now and I haven't actually worn it when its been raining as yet. But a few times the temperature has dropped and needed something to go with my Pearl Izumi Select Thermal Barrier Jacket
I'm new to all this "layering" in regards to cycle clothing but I have to say the combination of the thermal jacket & Altura Night Vision Jacket is pretty good. I don't feel any of the cold & able to focus on my cycling and not on the cold weather.
Altura Night Vision Jacket
 2 Huge front pockets as well as the breast pocket all with waterproof zips
Waterproof zip pocket for mobile

High collar
It's a damn good waterproof jacket and goes well with the Altura Over Trousers so I would be completely waterproof.


  1. Beware the chest pocket on this jacket: my friend and I both had water leak into the pocket in heavy rain, and it does not drain away. The consequence was that his phone was killed by the rising tide in the pocket. Luckily, my phone was in a waterproof bag and therefore was not similarly affected.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the chest pocket, I will try to mark sure I look out for this problem in future