Friday 29 March 2013

Mudflaps from Kettering Leather

Yesterday I had a delivery for Bumble B, a little surprise for him.

Today while overhauling him I put some new leather YELLOW mud-flaps on. I got this from  Jim Barret of Kettering Leather who works with leather and also a Brompton fan

Drilling out the rivet on rear mudguard
Installing the new mud-flaps was pretty easy, only thing was that I had to drill out the rivet on the rear mud guard. Came out pretty easy. As suggested by Jim B I put mud-flaps on with the wheels off. Makes it ALOT easier to get to the bolts on the inside edge of the mudguard blades to make sure they secured properly.
Rear mud flap

Front Mudflap
Front & rear Mudflaps
I have to say I'm liking the quality of the leather, I almost don't want them to get wet or dirty now they look so good.

You can also get leather top tube protector, handlebar /saddle  bags & hub shiners in different colours to match your Brompton. There is even a "bespoke" section for something unique you may have in mind. Check out the link below to order your leather for your Brompton.

Kettering Leather