Friday 22 March 2013

Preparation for LBC: The Monopoly Challenge

In a little over 24hrs I shall be taking part in another epic London Brompton Club ride. This is going to be another night time ride and I have to say I really do enjoy riding at night.

Every time I go on a big ride I learn something new. The thing I've learned recently is what to pack & what not to pack. In the past I have used my Brompton O Bag which is pretty big so it ends up getting stuffed with things that in the end don't get used. With a big front bag it creates alot of drag which I found out on the LBC Ride: London to Cambridge awhile back. I won't ever be making this mistake again.

This ride I'm going to use my Carradice Zipped Roll Saddle bag. As others have shown me that this saddle bag can hold alot, more than I even thought.

Taking the lead from my cycling buddy Mr. OrangeBrompton, here is my current list.
  1. Spare inner tube.
  2. Puncture repair kit & spanner. (thinking Brompton Toolkit in the future but shhhhh don't tell Mr. O)
  3. Air Chuck & C02 cartridge.
  4. Powergen USB power charger with leads for iPhone.
  5. My ageing Lumix TZ5 camera. (need to update soon)
  6. Thermos / water bottle.
  7. Energy bars.
  8. Replacement lens for sunglasses (yellow for night / dark for day)
  9. Antiseptic wipes.
  10. Altura Night Vision Over-trousers.
  11. Oyster & some cash
But before all that I have to give Bumble B a good servicing before the ride as his in abit of a state at the moment with all the wind & rain we've been having over the last week or so.

What a Dirty Boy

Some TLC will be done in the morning, even try to tighten up my rear wheel hubs as I think they have worked loose a little as there is a little "play" when I wiggle the rear wheel. I'm not too worried about it as Bumble B will be completely overhauled in the next couple of weeks.

Loaded up my Garmin Edge 800 with the ride course done by David P and I have to say it looks very twisty but I know my Garmin will keep us on track as always.

The only thing is I hope the weather is a little kinder to us die-hard riders as for Saturday & Sunday its predicting "Snow Showers". But then again it could add to the excitement and fun of the ride itself as I haven't ridden much in snow. I know I'm prepared clothing wise that's for sure with my recent raid to LIDI when they had a cycling clothing sale recently where I managed to get some more baselayers bottoms & tops.

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