Wednesday 12 December 2012

Brompton Toolkit in person

Well I've finally had one in my hands. I was in London Fields Cycles, E9 looking at cycle clothing for the up & coming LBC: London at Night. Was looking at getting some over-trousers & maybe a hi-vis waterproof jacket. Just as I was leaving at the corner of my eye I spotted Brompton branding & had a closer look.

Brompton Toolkits
Actually having it in my hand I STILL don't feel the need to get it. Its good don't get me wrong but most of the time when I'm out on proper rides I got my bits and bobs with me in my Brompton O Bag or my Carradice Saddle bag. Even with the reduced price of £43 instead of RRP of £48 wouldn't tempt me.

~ B ~


  1. Hello Mr B

    I had been thinking of buying the toolkit but hmm it is pricey and ok it fits snugly down the tube but I never go out on a ride without my C-bag and in this bag I take a pencil case with an Allen key multi-tool, adjustable spanner, disposable gloves etc. so for now, will stick to this. Having said that, I still have to learn how to remove the back wheel and re-adjust the gearing should I have to make a roadside puncture repair, though I have seen a very good technical video on the Brompton website (it's just remembering all the steps - I will have to write them down) and hopefully with my Schwable Marathon tyres, I won't get a puncture!

    Well done you for managing to walk away from a tempting piece of eye candy though.

    I hope you got the clothing you needed.

  2. Your the same as me, on long rides I always pack accordingly either my O Bag or the saddle bag with puncture repair kit etc, but with having the Marathon Plus tires I've never had a puncture yet. So I'm exactly the same as you other than I've taken my wheels off etc and put them back on