Friday 28 December 2012

Review: Altura Night Vision Over Trousers

I bought these awesome Altura Night Vision Over Trousers after seeing a review by my good cycling buddy Mr.O & for the LBC Ride: London by Night 2012 recently. I wasn't sure what the weather was going to throw at us that night so I thought I would make sure with a pair of these bad boys.

I never actually got a chance to ride with them on the LBC Ride: London by Night 2012 ride itself as it didn't rain on the LBC Ride but yesterday morning I saw the weather was looking abit wet so I put them on before heading out the door. I'd only gone about 5 minutes down the road when it started "spitting" down a little and another 5 minutes it was proper raining. I have to say I'm very impressed with these over-trousers, I've never worn cycling gear like this before (well haven't worn any proper cycling gear EVER)

PAD: 27th December 2012
Altura Night Vision Over Trousers after morning commute

Only thing I will say is that these are not "breatheable" and on a longer commute/ride could make my legs alot hotter and sweat more, but saying that in winter they will be invaluable

I can see in the coming days more and more cycling clothing being purchased as I slowly but surely see the light in wearing the proper clothing when riding. When I was on my most recent ride LBC Ride: Boxing Day Beano 2012 I noticed how different my riding was when wearing proper cycling type clothing. I felt alot faster, lighter and stronger.

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