Wednesday 19 December 2012

Review: Endura Skullcap

I've found that with my helmet on and short hair my head gets cold pretty fast, esp at this time of year. I wasn't really looking for this but saw this in the shop.
It's thin so doesn't feel tight when worn with my helmet and even long enough to cover my ears to

Endura Skullcap
While wearing this i didn't feel any of the cold or wind. It's made from Thermolite with High Performance Repel Teflon fabric protector, which says draws away moister/sweat. I'm guessing its the same kinda of stuff used in other cycling clothing

~ B ~


  1. Well fancy that! I have exactly the same hat and it is ideal. Warm, wicking, and stays on my head when there is a wind. And not only that Mr B, it helps to keep my earphone plugs in my ears when using my cycle trainer at home! An awesome product.

    1. It sure is a great skull cap & great minds think alike.

      I luv it :)