Tuesday 4 December 2012

Winter Riding & 15,000+ page views

This week has been a tough one for me and the Legend.

On a regular basis it has been around 0C when on my commute into work in the mornings, a couple of times my Garmin has registered the temp being -5C and I sure did know it.

I have a couple of things on my shopping list for winter riding now which I will try and get at some point.

Any products you have used that i should look into please comment
  1. Pair of full fingered gloves (also should be able to use a touch screen) (Yellow if poss)
  2. Some kind of thermal cycling under trousers for these cold winter rides
  3. Something to wrap around my face
  4. Full waterproofs (Jacket & over trousers) that can be folded up small (Bright yellow if poss)
Also as a result I have to be upping the times I check over Bumble B as with the weather being so changeable I have to make sure I keep him extra clean and oiled up especially the chain.

In other news my humble blog has hit over 15,000 page hits, thanks to all tha have been reading my crazy rumblings.

I've also been thinking about doing more reviews of stuff that I have as I have only been reviewing things I have got since starting this blog.

Oh been taking a couple of photos of "The Legend" while out and about too

PAD: 21st  November 2012
Just down the road from me

PAD: 24th November 2012
One VERY foggy morning commute in work (-5C)

~ B ~

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