Friday 14 December 2012

Z minus 4hrs....

LBC: London by Night Ride

Finally got The Legend all prepared and ready to go, but his not going to show off his secret weapons til the darkness comes. Trust me London, it may be the only time that shades are truely needed at night time, you have been WARNED!!!!

Finally got the other bits sorted out for myself, I got some cheap thermal leggings things which I will see how good they are but probably will get the Helly Hansen Thermal Tights & Base Layer Top I was looking for but never found. I did get the Altura Night Vision Over Trousers that I know my partner in crime raves about for cycling in the rain, but I may not end up using it if the rain holds off. The temp to me this afternoon actually warmed up abit to me and found myself  sweating a little but that could have just been cause i was running about so much trying to find the Helly Hansen Thermals.

Will do a proper write up on all the running about I have done today as well as reviews of the items I have bought and may use tonight.
But I must rest my brain has been going pretty fast with me trying to do things and running about like a well Bumble B >:P

Remember London, its Friday night and ALL the freaks come out, this time its The Legend of the Brompton Bumble B's turn.....

~ B ~

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  1. Go, Legend, Go! I think I can see the glow from here . . . looking forward to the recap.