Friday 14 December 2012

Prep for LBC: London by Night Ride

Well just afew more hours till the LBC: London by Night Ride.

I want to get a couple of things namely clothing to make sure I'm not going to be too cold on the night ride.

Woop just discovered SportsDirect. I may raid it a little but reading though the reviews as a few things have bad comments on them. Some stuff on sale too >:D

Current shopping list:
  1. Altura Night Vision Over Trousers
  2. Helly Hansen HH Warm Thermal Tights & Helly Hansen HH Warm Half Zip Base Layer Top
  3. Full fingered gloves (compatible with touch screen)
  4. More lights :P
  5. Thermal Flask
  6. Thin under helmet cover
  7. Thermal Socks
  8. Ear Muffs
Also have a few more lights I want to design and build into Bumble B, not sure if I will be able to get it finished in time but I do have extra lighting systems as backups anyways. Not much else to really say other than

"Bring it!"

Yesterday while at work I popped into Primark and got a set of long thermals for £10, dunno if they are any good

Only other thing to do is clean and oil up the legend and make sure I fuel myself up before hand and we'll be ready.

~ B ~

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