Monday 19 May 2014

The Brompton Urban Challenge #BUCLDN

After not finishing the MITIE London Revolution  on Saturday I was feeling pretty down hearted to honest. I felt pretty bad at not finishing at least Day 1 of the MITIE, even half of the first day I wouldn't have felt too badly.

But then this morning I received an email from a stranger.

A blog reader from Malaysia that I have never met or made contact with in any shape or form emailed me to say they really enjoyed reading my little buzzing blog and had recently purchased a Brompton because of it and the other great Brompton blogs out there & the adventures they have been on.
Now THIS is one of the main reason why I do my blog but also to make a record of everything I have done cause quiet frankly I don't even believe half the time and I do read though it from time to time myself :D
The full email is in the new Testimonials Page of my blog.

As always the best medicine is to get right back on the saddle.  I remembered that Brompton Bicycles where doing a Brompton Urban Challenge this year which takes place in London and is always ALOT of fun.

Orienteering skill and creativity, coupled with a knowledge of London's landmarks and history, will see the winning team take the prize!
This year's event will give Brompton riders another day of fun and adventure around the capital, with numerous challenges putting their ingenuity and inventiveness to the test. The Bromptoneers will set off from and touch down at Brompton Junction London, Brompton's concept store in the heart of Covent Garden, and will be chronicling their various quests throughout the day on our twitter and facebook feeds.

Here is BumbleB getting ready for the start. Riding around London getting photos for the challenges. Everyone getting into teams and planning what they are going to do and the routes to take. Me, Mark W & Tim E formed a team.

Brompton Urban Challenge 2014
Getting ready to ride

Brompton Urban Challenge 2014
Even in a crowd BBB stands out >:D

From what I remember one of our first challenges was to get a photo with someone in uniform & re enact a scene from a movie. Headed to the Savoy Hotel where we got a great shot with one people working there who also was a cyclist & re enacted a scene from the film "Notting Hill"

Brompton Urban Challenge 2014

Brompton Urban Challenge 2014
What a good sport, Thank You :)

Brompton Urban Challenge 2014
Getting into the zone

Brompton Urban Challenge 2014
Check point & more challenges & Phoenix Cycles

Brompton Urban Challenge 2014
Yet another check point, On Your Bike
Our team was joined by the lovely Ruth N who came down all the way from Sheffield but with late running trains couldn't catch up to her team so joined ours :)

Brompton Urban Challenge 2014
Yet another check point, On Your Bike

Brompton Urban Challenge 2014
Another challenge near Tower Bridge, City Hall

PAD: 18th May 2014
Couldn't past up a #selfie moment

Brompton Urban Challenge 2014
The Legend has been bad

Brompton Urban Challenge 2014
In the world famous Brooks Store, B1866
Lots of challenges, far to many to remember them all as I was having WAY too much fun doing it. As always I got to see a few places in London I haven't seen before and will do again in the future.

Back to the start point near Brompton Junction London Store there was a last challenge for everyone to take part it.

Basically you had to wheel your Brompton in trolley mode around a short obstacle course. I wasn't going to do it at first but with everyone else I thought why not and had a go. I didn't do to well and knocked over a cone as well as go the wrong way around a table but I didn't care as we was having loads of fun.

Even after it was all over quiet a number of us where sitting about talking about our adventures and finding out where people had come from. Some had come from as far as the USA and Asia all with one thing in common, their love for our little folding buddies.

I want to thank EVERYONE involved in the Brompton Urban Challenge and also my fellow Bromptoneers for making is a great sunny fun day.

Cast your votes for my Team #3 BUCLDN Voting Page
The competition will be closed at noon Thursday 22nd May (GMT)


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