Tuesday 20 May 2014

Biggest little fan from GreaseBug Gear

A few months ago I found this awesome creative facebook page called "Greasebugs Gear" I quote the description off the website.
"GreaseBugs Gear provides quirky handmade gifts combining the use of recycled bicycle chains and various bicycle components, to produce unique and quirky gifts."

After seeing the photos of the little robots I had a crazy idea for a little gift for BBB.

I emailed the creative owner and she loved the idea I pitched and even came up with an extra thing I hadn't even thought of which just added to the bot.

May I present to you BumbleB's BIGGEST littlest fan............

He/she/it doesn't have a name yet, but how cute is this little chain robot eh?

It was a little tense to begin with

The finer details

The first meeting
The little bot approached carefully but there was a kinship between them both. I knew I had made the right decision, they where made for each other.

"Don't worry little bot, BBB is friendly, go on BBB won't sting you promise."

After a short while I could see them both getting more confident with each other.

Best place to be on a ride.
You don't want to be there when I'm riding you may get squashed.

Don't fall now little fan.
Balance is key

A beautiful friendship has begun
I can see these guys going on many adventures together in the future and its going to be non stop fun I can tell you now but WAIT!!!

"Houston we have a problem!"

What do I name this new addition eh? the little bot has to have a name before he/she/it can go on our adventures. So then folks suggestions please would be gratefully received.

If you want your own little gift made from recycled bicycle/motorbike parts take a look at

GreaseBugs Gear

Not limited to chain-bots but also jewellery, cuff-links, key-rings, just about anything.
Even if you don't see anything you like straight away you can email with ideas/suggestions/questions and I'm sure they will come up with something completely unique that would be the perfect gift for someone that is just a little bicycle mad.

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