Friday 23 May 2014

Bee custom fenders by Nisnas Industries

Along while ago I was looking though different facebook pages and found Nisnas Industries. They custom made fenders for all kinds of bikes but also for the Brompton.

The fenders are a little different than most as they are hand made in mahogany with stainless steel inlays. Some of these inlays can be completely custom to a design of your choice.

I can't really tell you how good the quality of these fenders/mudguards. You really truly have to see them in person to really appreciate the quality work that goes into these awesome mudguards.

Enough talk, here are the photos.
Reduced gearing for better hill climbing & mahogany fenders by #urban #upgrades #bromptonbicycle #wood #killhills
BBB after his latest set of upgrades

Mahogany Bee Fenders
Mahogany Fenders by

Cool custom Bumble Bee mahogany fenders by #urban #upgrades #bromptonbicycle #wood
Mahogany Front Fender by

Cool custom Bumble Bee mahogany fenders by #urban #upgrades #bromptonbicycle #wood
Stainless Steel Bee inlay by

Close up of rear details

Close up of front details

I would like to thank everyone at Nisnas Industries for these AWESOME fenders/mudguards. You guys did a great job.

These mudguards came with everything needed to mount them on a Brompton and very clear instructions, hell even I got them on with no troubles now that's going some for me I can tell you.

Have a look on Ninas Industries as they not just limited to fenders/mudguards.


  1. Great - I love the look of your new fenders. I'm driving around with my custom Nisnas fenders for some time now and still love them more every day :)

  2. The Legend is dazzling! That's a gorgeous inlay on the fenders. Good thing you and Bumble Bee aren't shy fellows . . . these will get a lot of comment, I'm sure.