Tuesday 13 May 2014

Keeping hydrated while cycling

Another budget cycling sale at ALDI a week ago. These are great if your on a tight budget and in need of cycling equipment but you have to be very quick as the really good stuff tend to go very fast. With these sales though there are some little diamonds mixed in with the rubbish so really have a good look before buying is my recommendation.
In the past I have got a a very good softcell cycling jacket which when it gets a little colder I practically live in. It has the bonus of being able to take the sleeves off so you can wear it as a cycling "gilet".

This time though I spotted a bike rucksack I liked the look of so I went in mainly for that but also got some cycling underwear which in the past has been pretty good.

I've been wondering about having a rucksack the last few months but wanted something small and compact that I wouldn't over load cause it was big. So in comes the Crane Bike Rucksack.

Crane Bike Rucksack

  • Made of durable polyester
  • Reflectors
  • Compatible with a hydration system, with inner compartment & drinking outlet
  • Elastic rain cover
  • Main compartment with inner mesh pocket & detachable smartphone cover
  • Padded back & shoulder straps
  • Dimensions: 22 x 11 x 45cm
  • Volume: Approx 6litres
Pretty small and very compact to what I normally look for in a rucksack. but I spotted the hydration compatible part which I had always wondered about. When looking on other sites for racksacks with hydration systems they where pretty expensive and I didn't want to get one and not actually use it cause I didn't like it. For £15.99 its not too bad a price.

Further along in the aisle I saw a 2ltr water bladder. I didn't see the bladder advertised so I made sure it fit in rucksack, it did so I grabbed it.

2 litre hydration system
Crane Rucksack & 2ltr Hydration System

Rucksack with hydration system half installed

Water tube end

I will be testing it out in the next day or so to see how it goes. So instead of having a couple of water bottles on BBB I can have 2ltrs in the rucksack aswell as a few snacks and sandwiches.


  1. Thanks for the review.Its nice to see Brompton riders' setups and gear choices. I will keep a lookout for the backpack in Aldi. I have bought bike gear from them in the past and it has been excellent.

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