Saturday 10 May 2014

The legend gets antennae

Ever since I got the awesome Grip Rings from Spurcycle a few months ago I have wanted to have another hand position when on longer rides. I love the grips not just cause they go with BumbleB's overall colour scheme but also they are pretty comfortable at the same time.

So I went on a little mission to find some bar ends that would fit and I found these

Ergo Control II Bar Ends

I wasn't sure at first but I thought I'd have a go and see if they worked as I hoped they would.

To install I had move down the grip rings, gear & brake levers so that the bar ends had something to grip onto with tightened.

Grip Rings moved down

BBB now has antenna

Closer look

Now I have more for my hands so they don't get too tired in one place.

Position 1
Position 2

Position 3
They are available from wiggle

They may not be as good as the Ergon grips but they don't do them in yellow as yet. I noticed on a recent ride that atleast 3 other Bromptons with the same bar ends so they work well.

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