Hello Mr Bumble B,

I hope you are well and good. I could not really find your real name so I hope you won't mind me calling you Mr Bumble B.

My name is Christine, and I am writing to you from Malaysia (a small country wedged between Thailand and Singapore). Before I had bought my Brompton bike, I read so many reviews and blogs on which folding bike is best for my use. In the end, the Brompton won out amongst all.

Thank you for writing all your stories about your rides and Brompton mods. Perhaps one day, I will be brave enough to fly to London with my bike and join you and your friends for a ride. 

My bike is the 2013 model and I must say, the pedals are working real well, plus it feels solid. I hope your newly installed pedals will last you for all your riding adventures.

May I enquire if you should happen to know of any good shops selling the Brompton bags in London? I'm planning on using them for traveling work & would like your recommendations since you obviously do commute a lot with your bike. 

I'm still slowly paying off my bike but it has been really fun riding it for my work & short trips. It is blogs like yours which makes me happy I purchased mine, knowing that it is sturdy and dependable over the years. Looking forward to growing old with my bike & traveling everywhere with it. 

Keep blogging and ride safe!

Best wishes!
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@RaeRaeMars: @BromptonBumbleB we saw you rocking the bumble bee blazer and socks at Ascot this evening! Awesome gear. #MLR14
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Alan Heighton

Hi Sir I was having a dam good read of your blog last night. I'm going over to Ripon tomoz in North Yorkshire. But outside York station I'm gonna pop into Cycle heaven and have another look at a brompton. I'm dammed tempted I figure I'll need a 6 speed effort for where I am based in Doncaster with some of the hills...
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Mr BumbleB

Firstly congratulations on your second Richmond to Oxford ride with the London Brompton Club, I follow BumbleB from a great distance, namely Australia. My name is Rex Phillips and I live in St Agnes a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. BumbleB and My Orange Brompton are compulsory viewing each day to learn about your travels, enjoy photographic descriptions and how and why the different applications are made to  your Brompton  and relevant riding gear. I to am a proud Brompton owner, 2012 PR6 main frame British Racing Green extremities in Black with a Brooks B17 saddle with a Son hub dynamo. A Brompton in Adelaide is very rare, including mine there may be three and I am yet to see another one. We have no dealer in Adelaide and our closest dealership is in St Kilda Melbourne over 700km away so I emailed Brompton and they agreed for Bicycle Express in Adelaide to order on my behalf. I am 70 years old and have always been a cyclist  owning six bikes and still have three, a Peugeot PY10E 1978 , Avanti hybrid 24 speed, and now the Brompton. The Peugeot was used on rides of over 200km from Adelaide to Victor Harbor and return, Adelaide to Goolwa. My rides today are mainly hills riding generally 20 to 84km, we live where the hills begin. My Brompton was purchased to take on our holidays with our camper van to enable me to maintain my fitness level while we are away as we travel all over Australia and have at times been away for three months. Two years ago when staying at Swan Hill I pinched a nerve and could hardly walk and spent hours in the swimming pool trying to gain improvement, a similar situation happened when I was on the farm years ago and found riding a bike soon fixed the problem, enter the Brompton.
I did heaps of research as I wanted a folding bike as a bike on the back of a car or van over here can get covered in dust and grime. Comparing the folding bike market a Brompton was the only answer and it is BRILLIANT and can easily cause me to be the centre of attention, which at my age is not a bad thing.  Your site is excellent and I lock on every day hoping for something new.

Owning a Brompton is special

Kind Regards

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Well done on the ride. Been reading your blog for a little while now whilst my own Brompton is on order. It has been inspiring reading as I am of a larger stature and am looking forward to some riding round east Kent once I have the bike in mid October.


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