Friday 30 May 2014

Cycle gloves & touch screens

With winter basically over with & spring just around the corner I found myself with hot clammy hands. For full fingered gloves I had the great SealSkin All Weather Cycling Gloves which have served me well but unless its bitter cold my hands would get very hot and sticky which isn't the best way to ride. Also with my new iPhone 5C I'm taking alot more photos with it which leads me to my next problem, the Touch screen. Without special full fingered gloves I couldn't operate my iPhone without taking the gloves off which is always a pain to do when you want to take a quick photo of something and carry on cycling.

I did some research into how a touch screen works, especially the latest iPhone 5 and found this How iPhone works.

So basically if you have gloves on you couldn't use some touch screen smart phones unless they have been specially made with "conductive materials" on the thumb & index fingers

In comes the Parktools GLV-1 Mechanic's Gloves.
Parktools GLV-1 Mechanic's Gloves(Large)

Great for riding, mechanical work, or to just show off the colors of your favourite tool brand, the GLV-1 is the perfect combination of comfort and function.


  • Digital Amara® palm with anatomically shaped external reinforcement patches
  • Touch phone compatible thumb and index fingertips
  • Comfortable, soft fleece brow wipe
  • Durable two-way stretch knit glove back with knuckle gussets
  • TPR adjustable closure tab
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Very impressed with how they work with my iPhone's touchscreen. A little tricky with the square edged index finger. A better design would be for the index finger to be the same kind of shape as the other fingers. Maybe in time I will get used to it and the material soften with use.

Close up index finger
A pretty good fit.

 Not much padding but enough for normally cycling

Soft fleece brow wipe
Actually cycling with them I'm surprised they are quiet "airy". As the temperature goes up they won't feel too bad and end up with sweaty hands. I'm VERY impressed with them as cycling gloves and for use with my iPhone 5C.

Best of both worlds in this modern age.

Only fault I see is that they don't come with yellow trim :(