Saturday 26 October 2013

Going "Clipless"

Over the past couple of weeks I have been pondering going "Clipless" with BumbleB

On our recent rides we have felt pretty good, especially going up Box Hill which we have now renamed "Cardboard Box Hill"

Questioning the SPD members of the London Brompton Club & the staff at my local bike shop Londonfields Cycles, E9. We feel we are now at the stage where my fitness level & cycling technique should benefit from the change.

Don't get me wrong I love my MKZ Wide Platform pedals Review they are an excellent piece of kit & we will probably still use them once in awhile (until we're  a total convert to SPD)

After discussing with David P regarding his cycling shoes I decided to get the same Specialized  BG Tahoe shoes. I wasn't sure about the sizing so I went to my Londonfields Cycles, E9 and they so happened to have them in stock and in my size.


They will be adjusted ofcourse with yellow shoe laces in due time.
Specialized BG Tahoe Cycling Shoe
Cleat installed
 Specification and Features of Specialized BG Tahoe Shoe
  • Trail Traction rubber outsole combined with our midsole plate, which is tuned for efficient cycling, but flexible enough for walking: 3.0 stiffness index
  • Our most padded BG plush insole for on-the-bike support and off-the-bike comfort
  • Suede leather upper with breathable mesh panels
  • Top strap for secure closure also keeps laces safely out of chainrings
  • 2-bolt SPD-style cleat pattern, compatible with all major MTB pedals
  • Approximate weight: 500g (1/2 pair #42)

I'm liking these cycling shoes as they are great to walk in as well as cycle in. I can actually feel more though my feet as the sole is much harder than normal shoes I wear so I get more sensations though the pedals. The way the Velcro strap goes over the top of the laces is good too as stops those laces from flapping about and  getting caught in BumbleB. 

Alan K from the London Brompton Club lent me his Shimano PD-M520 Pedals to see how we would like going clipless. Cheers bud
Shimano PD-M520 Pedals on BumbleB
My cycling partner in crime swears by his Specialized M780 pedals which so happen to be on a pretty good discount at at the moment too. They are a higher quality of SPD pedals than the M520's but we shall see when the time comes when ordering.

This weekend we are going on on the Critical Mass Ride & LBC Ride: Brighton - Rottingham Undercliff Ride which will be our first proper rides with SPD's

First Impressions:
Well after practising "Clipping In & Out" holding onto a wall then I went around my local area practising emergency stops & starts. I have to say its very different to what I'm used to but I think I could get used to it. I seem to be favouring the left pedal in "clipping out" at the moment but hoping in time I will be able to do either. Still surprises me how much effort is needed to clip out as I think something is going to break.

Also finding that I'm also using the "up stroke" when pedalling and I can feel a whole different group of muscles working now.

I think we are going to like SPDs just have to decide which ones I finally purchase for BumbleB himself.

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  1. I read with interest your views on going clipless. I only have clipless on my turbo trainer and love the way I can use my energy on the upstroke too, but my imagination prevents me from going clipless out on the road. I always imagine myself not being able to unclip and ending up under the wheels of an HGV. Silly, I know, as I never have a problem unclipping when on the turbo. Sounds like you have made a good purchase and long may you enjoy them.