Sunday 6 October 2013

Cycling & Beer, @iBikeLDN Oktoberfest 2013

After getting a few hrs sleep after the LBC Ride: Kew Gardens to Box Hill Loop, I woke up pretty good. My recovery time after a ride is getting pretty good and I'm even impressing myself with how my body is reacting.

Looked out of the window and it promised to be a very good day so I made myself ready and headed to the meeting point in Victoria Park, E9. Not far from my normal commute to work so wouldn't take me long to get there.

Bumble B ready for the iBikeLDN Oktoberfest
Once I got there my cycling friend Sam K who's bike actually got stolen but he was lucky enough to see it again in the same area to cut a long story short he got his bike back. A little worst for wear but nothing a good bit of TLC couldn't cure. But I wonder what story the bike could tell if it could tell its adventures.

Sam K's returned bike.
Not long after I spotted this wonderful sight. I just didn't know what to think but damn what a awesome effect and then some. I've seen Susana a couple of times and she now has her trademark expression.
"HORSEY & Susana L

With so many dressed up in "Lederhosen" it would have been criminal not to take photos. I ended up with about 4 cameras taking photos of the gang together.
iBikeLDN Gang dressed to impress
The Music Bike is at the ready to pump out them German Folk songs & the tweety bird song *shakes head*

Regent Canals

Giddy up HORSEY

Cute horsey

We finally arrived at the Oktoberfest. At first I wasn't goign to stay but then I thought "Why the hell not"
Locked up Bumble B & ordered up a beer and 1/2 chicken & chips

Chicken & Beer

With so much beer flowing, things where starting to get a little WEIRD
My new g/f
Food, Beer & German Music. Pretty damn good all round if you ask me.
The final BEER
Well it was time for me to head home.  I patted "Horsey" and said my good byes to everyone else.
HORSEY in his/her stable
Me and a few others where heading in the same direction including #hardcore Brompton rider Jenny H from last nights LBC Ride.

Always good riding with the iBikeLDN folks, can't wait for the next.

Garmin Data: iBikeLDN Oktoberfest Ride 2013

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  1. Bumble Bee:
    Definitely looks like y'all had a great time.
    Great photos as usual.
    I see the MKS Lambda are fairing well.
    Peace :)