Saturday 26 October 2013

Bumble B goes to October's Critical Mass

This would be our first ride with the SPDs and a good lesson in "clipping in & out" quickly in fast changing situations.

We decided to ride from "The HiVE" to the meeting point of Waterloo Bridge, South Bank.

Powering my way though the London traffic felt awesome, I felt more connected to BumbleB than every before, we finally became a single entity, a complete LEGEND.

Finally made our way to Waterloo Bridge and then had to find exactly where the meeting point was. Finally found my cycling friends, Jenny H, Samantha S, Anthony L & Susana L & afew hundred others >:D

Well there was a loud whistle which signalled that we was moving.

Heading down Oxford Street

Oxford Circus

Another rider I've seen on a few rides in London came up to me and mentioned it had some crazy socks on. MY SOCKS. I had to resist cutting off his legs due to copyright infringement :)
FAKE BumbleB socks >:P

This one is for Alan K
We was heading somewhere I have no idea where when I spotted a HUGE Penis on a skateboard. Yeah I kid you not, I nearly fell over but then again this is London I shouldn't have been surprised. Had to get a few photos of him.

His got some balls

Outside Buckingham Palace
Our little gang finally managed to get together again and we was figuring out what to do next as the ride was kinda fuzzing out a little it seemed.
Jenny H & Susana L

Jenny H, Susana L & Samatha S

Pink Boots

Now dear readers don't get upset now at the following 2 photos. Susana L wanted to have a little go on BumbleB. I think she secretly fancies him, but then again who can blame her eh? he is abit of a babe magnet ;)
Susana L & Bumble B

Yeah it was going to be one of those nights >:D
Our little gang decided to head back down tot he South Bank near the start and get some Pizza & Beers. Damn fine plan.

6 x Pizzaaaaaaaa yum yum
Well after finishing of 6 pizzas and a damn good Beer (Cider for me) it was starting to get a little cold probalby cause we wasn't cycling and getting abit of a breeze from the Thames me and BumbleB decided to head home.
We cheated but I wanted to get home quickly so we could get ready for LBC Ride: Brighton-Rottingdean Undercliff ride.
Waterloo Station heading home.
Garmin Edge 800 Data of Critical Mass: October Edition

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