Saturday 5 October 2013

Pushing the envelope....

In a couple of hours we shall be going on a evening ride with at the last count 8 of the LBC to Box Hill.

I've heard of Box Hill a few times in cycling circles. It was a apart of the Olympic Road Race and its a kinda of a mecca to alot of cyclists.

Not going to say to you that we are going to be able to ride up the whole thing on our first attempt without stopping/walking/dieing afew times.

The legend still has a human element.
But after the last few rides, I have improved ALOT this year but I need to keep pushing the envelope if I'm going to keep improving. This time there will be a few more normal humans on this ride so it won't be all that bad.

I have slacked off a little of late and not pushing myself as hard as I have done in the past. I still take a few scalps on my commutes into work & push when I can on shorter rides but I haven't been able to do some of the long rides recently due to work commitments and to be honest I wasn't in the right frame of mind.

My cycling partner in crime Mr. O & a few of the hardcore LBCer's have been up Box Hill a couple of times in the past and told of great views of the city at night time and  Western style American pub at the top called "Smith and Western"

Should be good fun in anycase, always good fun when cycling with the LBC gang, I can honestly say I've NEVER had a bad ride with them no matter what has happened. The support from everyone on and off a ride is outstanding and I have to say without them I wouldn't have done half the mileage I have done this year.

Time for me to get ready and get to Richmond via car, I do hate London traffic but I have a ride to look forward to that makes it WELL worth every BEEPING car horn.

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