Saturday 1 June 2019

Compton Cycles for a major service

So it was that time again. I hadn't done much maintenance to my boy over the yrs. Yeah I know i should be reported to the B.A.T (Brompton Abuse Team)  for "Brompton Endangerment" or something. It's been about 3yrs since I have had Bumble B service by myself or a bike shop. I had some time so I booked Bumble B into the best Brompton cycle shop for maintenance in London.

I already knew the answer would be Compton Cycles in Catford. Over the years we have passed by on rides but I don't think we have actually got a service from them. It's abit of a trek for us to get there but worth it.

oooo shinny

Pre Op
After the guys had a quick look over Bumble B they said he would be in surgery for quiet awhile and I should be able to pick him up late afternoon. I was a little nervous but I knew he would be fine but still worried none the less, he is my boy after all.

Well I went walking around London abit, yes WALKING what HELL IS THIS? You don't see half as much just by walking and travelling on public transport I can tell you that now. Cycling is the only way to see a big city in my eyes.

Well you can only walk around London for a few hrs but I was getting abit anxious and was running out of power on my iPhone so wondered back to Compton Cycles. My boy wasn't ready yet so i waited like an expecting father waiting for the baby to be reborn. Yes I said it, B is my baby.  When he was finally brought out to me all I could say was "WOW" Everything was done and he was set for our next adventures. They also gave him a damn good cleaning to which yes I have not be doing alot recently, yes another charge for  B.A.T to list and charge me with.

Reborn again
Well we are ready for the next adventure, are you?

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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