Monday 27 May 2019

Bank Holiday Ride with Mr Orange

So with today being a bank holiday Mr. Orange invited me for a short ride along the Thames river in Central London starting off at our favourite starting point The London Eye. The weather proved to be a little windy and but we would be cycling most of the time and wouldn't feel the chill.

Going underground

Taking B on  ride
Unlike other times we have arranged to meet up i was actually DEAD on time to the second. Yeah I was a little shocked at this and i had to wait alittle while before my partner arrived.

London Eye
As my partner arrived we exchanged hellos and hearty hand shakes and got underway towards O2 building. As always while we cycled we caught up on the latest regarding cycling, bromptons and cycling gadgets. 

As always we stopped off at a big London land mark to take a few photos.

I have to say it felt like old times and I finally felt my old self returning. We also talked about upcoming rides which me and the legend will be doing our  best to try to get on.

Tower Bridge

This cruise ship was abit of a surprise for my partner but I have seen cruise ships a few tiems along the Thames but even i have to say this one was a little different..

Random Cruise Ship
Not long after cycling along the Thames we came across Greenwich Foot tunnel

The orginal plan was to cross over the Thames using the Emirates Skyline but we spotted this cool looking Emirates Cafe / Shop which was open and hardly had anyone in. We stopped and have a snack and there was some lovely looking cake son display. After a previous cake ride I still had the taste of cake and had to sample, for science ofcourse.

With North Greenwich station close by we decided to call it a day, people where starting to come out in herds now and would be better to head off back to base before the really big rush started up.

Once again I'd liek to thank my partner Mr.Orange for inviting me to another little ride around this great city of ours and ofcourse for the great company.

This saddle has seen some mileage
Looking at that last picture I really should get my finger out and replace the saddle with the new one that my good friend Alan gave me several years ago. Love you Alan x

till the next ride, bee safe.....


  1. Great to see you out and about on the legend. Sort that saddle out :-)