Thursday 27 June 2019

Getting my good friend on the road again.

This is my very good friend Alan Knott. He has been a great supporter of me and the legend for many years and I consider him a good personal & cycling friend, even a brother. He has always welcomed me with a huge smile & hug everytime I have met him & his lovely wife Janet for events over the years and always had great advise for me, not just on cycling but also life itself.

Unfortunately his health has taken a turn for the worst and has had to get rid of his Bromptons as he has lost his leg to cancer. But fear not Alan & his friends have a plan to get him back on the road with a modified recumbent bicycle. But these things cost abit of money so a friend has set up a JustGiving campaign to help out.

We NEED to get Alan back on the road where he belongs.....

EVERY donation helps no matter how small

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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