Tuesday 17 September 2013

Keep it safe, wear a rubber :D

Ok it's not rubber but silicon based protection.

Nothing major or anything that's going to improve my cycling but when David P from London Brompton Club group told me about this I just had to get it. I guess you can see why in the photos below....

Garmin Edge 800 Rubber Protector

Yellow & Black

On my Garmin Edge 800
You can get this silicon cover in many different colours: Black, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Red, White. Can also get it for the Garmin Edge 500/510 series too.

Not much I can say other than the cover feels the same as the original silicon cover from Garmin so its good quality & will do its job as the black one has done for many yrs now in rain/snow/hail & sun.

Garmin Edge Silicon Case on wiggle.co.uk

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