Thursday 26 September 2013

Brompton Junction Shop

Today I managed to get myself down to the Brompton Junction shop that opened yesterday. This is a Brompton Bicycle shop for all your Brompton needs.

Over the past few months I have been dreaming of getting a yellow saddle for Bumble B and when I saw a few sneak photos from the InterBike show in Las Vegas I spotted different coloured saddles including a nice yellow one.

Well ofcourse I fired off an email to Brompton asking when they where going to be available and was glad to learn that a Brompton Junction shop was opening up in Central London in a few days and would have the new accessories for sale including, coloured saddles, grips & even white and black mudguards too.

Brompton Junction, London
BumbleB in Brompton Junction

Brompton Frame Light
I finally found it, "My Precious" Yellow saddle

The power of "Black & Yellow"

What's next for the legend?


  1. How much is the yellow saddle?

    1. £35 if you have a membership card to the CTC you get the discount