Friday 6 February 2015

Winter blues & Close passes

Last weekend I aborted the LBC Surrey Hills, because they are there ride. As I left the HiVE it started to rain quiet heavy even though I was about 3 miles from my local station and had my waterproofs on I got pretty wet fast. It was also pretty cold and my mind wasn't in the right place for a BIG demanding ride with for me some major hills in Surrey. A few of the hardcore nutcases of the LBC still rode and major KUDOS to them for going and completing the ride. The ride will be done again when the weather is better.

Returning from my local station

I haven't been doing much cycling other than my commutes to work which has had its ups and downs. It snowed earlier in the week but wasn't much. The roads where salted pretty good and the snow hardly settled. By the afternoon it had all melted away.

Light dusting of snow

On one of my commutes this week I was EXTREMELY close passed by another cyclist, no warning, no nothing. I was a bit pissed at this, not like us cyclist have enough troubles on the roads as it is without one of our own almost taking us out. If your going to past another cyclist at least give a warning or a decent amount of space to pass as you would expect from any other vehicle overtaking.

Well tomorrow is another London Brompton Club ride, Route 21 going east from the London Eye. Should be a decent ride and much needed as the legend and I haven't been pushing ourselves as much as we should do. In the winter months it is hard to do decent amount of training with the weather and it getting dark so early. Bring on spring & summer we say, bring it on....

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