Wednesday 18 February 2015

A poorly but well loved Brompton

Well yesterday I had to leave BBB at my local bike shop as his rear hub was grinding and making alot of noise etc. The hub normally does this every time I clean but goes away after a short time. This has been going on for over a yr maybe longer after a clean. I finally had enough and took BBB in to my guy at Londonfields Cycles for him to have a good look at it. I thought if anything it just needed taking apart and re greasing.

How wrong I was.

First of all it seems that I've got water & MUD inside the hub. But not from a recent ride, from what he says its been like that for over a yr atleast. One set of bearings & cradle have rusted pretty badly and had to be replaced as well as the cone on the drive side. Also seems there are some worn out parts that would need replacing at some point as well but its ok for afew months. If I can source those internal parts the hub will be as good as new. But also the rim is taking abit of a beating too, which I already knew.

Even though I thought I was pretty careful in not getting water inside the hub it still can. I will be even more careful in the future on this.

Rusting bearings with cradle

The chain and cogs where worn out so those got replaced. I was actually going to buy a chain and cogs when I went to pick BBB up anyways as I knew that needed doing.

Another problem is also the rear hinge which is actually the biggest concern as its needs replacing in the next month or so. Had that rear frame changed back in April 2013 under warranty as I found a crack in the rear triangle. From what I've read about that rear hinge should be changed every 2/3 yrs anyway. Been recommended that to increase the life of the rear hinge to use a solid suspension block so there isn't so much movement at that point when riding. I shall be looking into this.

Also one of the gear cables needs replacing which I will probably do myself. When I have some spare time I'll probably do all my cable.
Rear Hinge
I have to say I was abit shocked as I thought I was taking pretty good care of my boy but then again we have been doing a hell of alot of mileage & riding in all kinds of weather, so I shouldn't have been too shocked.


  1. I would replace the rear wheel mate with the milage you do mate
    Regards Alan

    1. Yeah I seriously considering it and probably will. I don't even think I do alot of miles, well it sure doesn't feel like I do.

      But when your having fun the miles just fly by.......the power of the fold is unstoppable :)

  2. What a cautionary tale -- hope your Bee will be back on his wheels and feeling as enthusiastic as ever in short order!

  3. He's back on the road, new wheel on order as repairing, rebuilding the hub & new rims (plus labour) would be pretty much the same as a new one. Next thing is to book him in to get his hinge done and source a solid suspension block