Tuesday 2 September 2014

LBC: Windsor to Tower Bridge River Crossings

So today was another awesome LBC Ride. This time we was to cycle in from Windsor to Tower Hill. A good 50ish easy miles.
I was excited and marked the start of a pretty intensive weekend of cycling for me and the legend.

With BBB all cleaned up the night before we heading to Windsor by train.

The train was stopping at a few stops along the way and I noticed ALOT of parents with kids getting on, I was wondering why then it dawned on me. Legoland Windsor and it was coming to the end of the summer holidays.

Me and BBB arrived at Windsor Station the end of the line as as always as we got off the train I could hear people saying Bumble B when they saw the legend and I. I do get a warm fuzzy feeling when I know we have put a smile on the kid's and parent's faces as they went to LegoLand.

I got the end of the platform and ofcourse my cycling partner in crime was already there waiting. Orange was waiting for me and our usual greets and handshakes. Cause I was pretty early I made sure I fueled up abit before the others arrived which they in turn did. A few new faces as well as the core LBC members David P & Ann M arrived intime for the start of the ride.

I soon learned that this was going to be one new member, Luka's first big ride other than commuting on a 3 speed Brompton. She did pick abit of a big one to start of with but we always look after everyone on a ride.

Once everyone arrived and was ready our club navigation wizard, David P lead the way.

Interesting route
 The ride was a pretty good pace and found it well with in my reach. I always noticed in the country lanes that car drivers are ALOT more patient with cyclists and would make sure it was a good spot to over take us without any issues. VERY big contrast to the drivers in London who are always in a rush.

David P follows the legend
As always David P takes us on all kinds of weird and wonderful places, this ride had a little of everything, on and off road riding.

Slowly but surely familiar sites of London started to come into view & so did the bridges.

I do love cycling along the Thames, there is something welcoming about it that just makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

Smiling Ann M & Mr. Orange

BBB taking in the view

On the other side of Walton Bridge we had a little lunch break, last time we was here the bridge was still under construction.

Now we was on the home straight and as we passing Hampton Court Palace we had to take a few photos with all our Bromptons. One of these days I really should go into Hampton Court Palace with my dSLR or my InfraRed dSLR.
5MC being a little silly :D

BBB stealing a kiss from Hotlips
Onward board again....

As always there is something going on in London, we pasted these super heroines along the Thames. Got to love London for its quirkiness :)

Heroines on patrol

While passing a field we saw these cows, I'm not exactly sure what to make of them. They looked like they have been painted as the front and back is black while there is white band around there tummy. Must be a special breed of cow. Never seen them before that for sure.

Black cows with White middles, weird

Footbridge apart of the railway bridge

Pushing on to the end of the ride we passed this great looking vintage car, looked like it had just been made. If you look closely at the dash you can see a sat nav, this made me giggle to myself.

Many thanks to David P for leading this ride and for everyone else for joining us. Old and new faces as always and a pleasure to ride with you all.

Now this weekend wasn't over just yet as tomorrow I would be doing the 52 mile "Bikeathon" charity ride for  leukaemia and lymphoma research.

This would be the first time I have done 2 biggish rides back to back like this but after today I felt pretty good and ready for tomorrow's Bikeathon.

Ride Data: LBC: Windsor to Tower Bridge River Crossings Ride

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