Friday 28 February 2014

Impatient Drivers on commute

A couple of nights ago after work I was heading home as always.

The last couple of weeks they have been resurfacing a big junction & had reduced the lane to single alternative working with manned temperary traffic lights. At the start of the works the road is wide enough for cars to pass bicycles without problems which a number did. I was approaching a pinch point where the road narrowed and bent around to the right. About 2/3rds into the works. Looked behind me and saw nothing behind me so I took a better positioning on the road to make sure I wouldn't be passed at the pinch point that was coming up. 

About 20seconds later I heard a car coming up behind me and getting VERY close to my rear wheel. I held my position as I wasn't going to get pushed off the road cause someone couldn't be patient and wait for me to get though the works after which the road opened to 2 lanes of traffic. 

I heard the engine being revved, I didn't yeld. 

I heard a beep of the horn, I didn't yeld & took even more of the road to make sure they where not going to squeeze past me. They got REALLY close and I felt uneasy & with that, I slowed, wobbled and came off. I wasn't hurt when I fell as I knew I was going to. The BMW Z3 it turned out stopped and I was pretty annyoned to say the least and walked up to the driver and said 

"Could you not have waited 30 seconds for me to get though the road works?"

Nothing. Looking straight ahead like I wasn't there. 

I said " Did you really have to get so close to me with a 4 tonne car, revving & beeping you horn at me?"

P.s I edited it the language abit as I was pretty damn angry

By this time the traffic coming the other way started to come down. 

For the first time ever I really wish I had onboard cameras to film this kind of thing. It doesn't truly bother me now but at the time I was pretty angry which I don't often get.

Anyways that's my little rant over with. Just be careful out there folks and make sure you keep your positioning and don't let anyone force you off the road. You have as much right to be on the road as everyone else.

P.S. I wasn't hurt when I fell as I knew I was going to.


  1. Bad luck mate, but thanks for sharing the story. We may have a hard time as individuals out there on the roads, but by talking about these things we become part of the community of bike riders. Solidarity from a pal in Edinburgh

  2. Glad you are ok. We are also having this kind of issues in Singapore.