Thursday 20 February 2014

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Recently a member of the London Brompton Club (Geoff S) got some cycling rollers to help with his training. I've always wondered about these and have seen the professionals warming up on these before a race.

Got these rollers from Chain Reaction at a good price and arrived pretty quickly too right on time.

Elite Parabolic Training Rollers

A simple and effective training aid that provides a unique workout, ideal for developing pedalling technique.

  • Sleek, minimalist and compact design.
  • Three thermoplastic drums mounted into an adjustable frame allow all sizes of cycle to be used.
  • The cycle can move freely and therefore requires constant balance - giving a more realistic ride feel indoors, whatever the weather outdoors.
  • The parabolic shape helps the cycle stays in the centre of the rollers for safer use.
  • Sealed bearings guarantee a smooth, efficient pedalling action.
  • Simple to fold away and transport.

Fully folded

Fully folded

Half folded

Fully extended and ready for use
PAD: 20th February 2014
Elite Parabolic Rollers & BumbleB

For my first ride after watching a number of videos on youtube and suggestions I decided to have my first ride in the hallway. This way I could balance using the walls & my elbows till I got used to riding on them.

Very strange at first I will admit and took a little while to figure out that high cadence and wheel speed was the key to keeping upright and stable. Also looking ahead into the distance also keep me in a straight line. So don't have people around distracting you as you will tend to go in the direction your head is pointing and come off the rollers.

I may add a fan as I felt I was overheating alittle or out int he back garden but then if the weather is nice enough to roll in the back yard you may as well actually go out somewhere instead.

Here is the video of my FIRST ever ride on the rollers, I was pretty surprised at how stable I was getting after 5 mins and set myself a target of atleast 10mins with my cadence in the 80-90rpm range.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, it's fun but have to start building on it and sorting out my seat height as I'm "bouncing" too much and wasting energy

  2. Any complaints from the neighbours about the weird noise?

    1. Nothing yet but the dogs is always barking at times. Probably doesn't hear me over the dog 😜

  3. The Green Machine24 February 2014 at 13:21

    Once you're up & running (ahem, cycling) the rollers sounds scarily like a swarm of wasps.....

  4. Thanks for the great information. Loved the article.