Saturday 27 July 2013

The night before #BWC2013

Spent some quality time with Bumble B. We was in the back yard enjoying the sun while I had him on the bike stand giving him some TLC.

I've noticed a few things with him as hasn't been going though his gears as smooth as he should be the last week or so. I think his chain & rear cogs are getting worn out but I didn't have time to go and get new ones. At the moment he doesn't change from the small cog to the big one smoothly, it takes a little while before he does. Adjusted what I can but I think he probably needs a new chain and cogs as I haven't changed them since I got him back from Brompton HQ and have been doing some serious mileage since then.

Also noticed a few scratches on the underside of the saddle too, thinking I may have to get another one at some point but not too worried about it.

Also got myself a GoPro Chest mount which should give me some good in action shots. I've liked the photographs I've taken riding along with the handle bars framing the shot. Did a little test of it earlier today and I liking it. We shall see what its like on the Brompton World Championships itself. Also the other cameras which I will be trying to mount in other places to get more different angles etc.

As I write this its raining on and off pretty hard here in London, even a few big claps of thunder and lighting too.
Hopefully the weather will be fine for the BWC2013 tomorrow in Chichester.

If your there please come and say hello to us, I'll be rider number 1589 but I think we will kinda stand out from the crowd, just saying.... >:P

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