Tuesday 23 July 2013


Over the last week or so it has come to my attention that a website has been copying the contents of my blog and passing it off has their own.

I have NEVER given permission for any of my content to be used in this way. 

Even after the the so called web master was finally contacted via the Brompton yahoo group and then finally banned the site still STEALING content from this blog also my cycling partner OrangeBrompton & many others. 

Please all readers of my legendary blog only come directly to the source. 


This blog is done in my own personal time and effort along with full time job. I don't get paid for doing this as it is for my own pleasure & my personal first hand experiences in having a legendary Brompton Bicycle. 

Do not go to the content thief as this has nothing to do with me, London Brompton Club or Brompton Bicycles. This site or any other has no permission to copy ANY of my content without my express permission. 

Thank you. 


  1. I'm with you. Andrew. Keep up the good work.


    P.S. If it were me, I'd remove the name of the offender from your post, to deny them the ill-deserved publicity. Chances are, casual readers will click through out of curiosity.

  2. Absolutely!!!

  3. I'd keep it in as a Scarlett Letter.

  4. Cheating is shameful and unlawful.
    Stick to your guns, Andrew; for it is your right.
    Paz :)

  5. Sorry to hear this. It's a bummer when someone plagiarizes you like that. Do keep up the good work. I heard about you at the Prudential London Free Bike Ride yesterday from Mick Blackman. All I can say is brilliant bike and fantastic kit!