Tuesday 4 June 2024

My wahoo is dead :(

So today while I was commuting home on N+1 (Brompton C Line BumbleBee) and we had our first little accident.
We was riding home from a hard days work and it had briefly rained about 10 mins before hand and the roads where a little wet. I go though a park as a short cut and currently there are big works going on there and the cycle lane has been diverted across some grass using hard plastic sheets so it won't get to muddy. For the moment I don't have a proper GPS mount on the new bike so had it in my pocket to keep my miles logged for Strava etc. Well I went across the wet plastic boards and the front wheel stepped out and we went over. Lucky  I was going pretty slowly and banged my knee a little but nothing major. Well when I got home I took my Wahoo Elemnt out of my pocket and saw this. 

Oh well could have been much worst as in the same pocket I had my iPhone which is unhurt.

I guess I'm in the market for a new cycling GPS unit. I my go back to Garmin as I didn't really like the Wahoo Elemnt as I had to plan routes though my phone and not directly on the GPS unit itself 

Any recommendations for a nice cycling GPS? Been seeing a few adverts for the BeeLine Velo 2 which I did have a couple of years ago for a short time. 

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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