Wednesday 26 June 2024

LBC: BWC 2024 Sunday Picnic ride to Greenwich Park

So on the last day of a totally awesome weekend of none stop Bromptoning the last event on the London Brompton Clubs event calendar would be a nice leisurely ride though London to one of the best views of London, Greenwich Park. 

I had completely forgotten my cool down routine for when I got home from the BWC 2024 last night so at about 02:00 am this morning I was up doing the "Cramp Dance". Basically when ever I really push myself cycling I get sudden cramps early the next morning. Well I had to have a cold stream of water hitting my cramping legs as I read many yrs ago that the shock of ice cold water resets the nerves that cause muscle cramps. Don't know if there is any truth to it or not but it works for me everytime ever since i started cycling and got cramps.

This time I thought I’d give “n+1” her first LBC event to introduce her to everyone. 

First time on train

We arrived at the meeting point @ London Bridge about 20mins late. Sundays are the worst days to travel esp if its sunny. Train companies do a lot of major works on Sundays as this is probably as quiet its ever going to be on our under funded transport system. We wasn't the only one there late. A couple with Bromptons, so I went over to and asked if their where late for the ride too.

Me and +1 knew the destination of the ride as at Greenwich Park so tried setting the Garmin 540 to navigate us there but this was a pain with freezing and crashing pretty much all the time. Got google maps out on my iPhone and within 2 secs had a route to Greenwich. Even though i had turn by turn directions coming though my hands free ear piece cause I didn't have a visual like a map to also follow I was always going into my pocket to dig out my iPhone so I could see the map etc. Having a mount would have been handy but I never will have my iPhone mounted as that's what cycle computers are for :P

*note to self never organize a ride unless I know the route inside and out and sideways*

I figured with a large group of Bromptons ride leader Jenny would try to keep the route simple and on cycle lanes. 
As me and +1 went along on our way I was getting more of a sense of how n+1 was going to ride, her personality I guess you could call it. Making mental notes of "adjustments" I may have to do at a future date.

Finally my plan to catch up to the group bared fruit as I saw a positive "SWARM" of Bromptons invading a Waitrose not far from Greenwich Park. 

100 Bromptons

This lovely lady came up to me and said she had a little present for me. A lovely little home made Bumble Bee

This is what the Brompton Community is all about. I can't stress to you reader how much I love this and touches me deeply. Thank you so much. So technically this is N+1 first "upgrade"  

The pride I felt as I joined with +100 fellow Brompton riders heading to Greenwich Park was AMAZING. So many people from so many different parts of the world coming together cause of this funny little folding bike. Greenwich park was full of people wanting to enjoy the glorious warm Sunday in the park and yes we got a few watching and enjoying the unoffical Brompton Parade  that had suddenly formed

To get to the best part of Greenwich you have to go up a decent ascent to the Old Observatory at the top of the hill. The first test of N+1 with standard 6 speed gearing. I'm so used to BumbleB's reduced gearing i was a little worried. But I felt good going up and never once felt I couldn't.  

Up at the top was ofcourse a photoshoot with ALL the bromptons and riders together for a HUGE group shot. The Biggest I've been in for many years

After eating some of the snacks we bought in the Waitrose just before I went around taking snap shots of the little groups that had formed all around us just enjoying the cool breeze and slight overcast but bright weather.

Being with this huge group of Brompton Owners like many others check out what modifications they have done to their B to make them more their own. Not just the look but also how their Brompton functions for their personal needs. Got a couple of ideas brewing in my brain. Maybe 1 last final upgrades for BumbleB and a some for N+1

Safety first

Brompton Mafia

Big thanks to Brompton Bicycles folks, London Brompton Club admin & members & ofcourse the followers and fans of  "The Legend" for making it a really special day for everyone.

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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