Monday 27 May 2024

FreeCycle ride with London, Paris & Netherlands Brompton Clubs

So today was the day of the free cycle ride in central London where riders from all over the country will take part in several different rides for this today. I took part in the free cycle in central London which is basically a 4 to 5 mile loop around central London on closed roads while the other rise were 100 miles into the countryside and back again and finishing in central London we would receive a medal.

I haven't done any major cycling for a few years so didn't enter the 100 miler but opted to go to the free cycle event. Also a Paris Brompton Club & Netherlands Brompton Clubs where attending  and Brompton Junction where putting on abit of a spread for us after the ride.

What a lovely spread Brompton Junction put on for us and I have to thank them very much for having us invade the store for a couple of hrs.

Also at the time thee was alittle promotion going on where if you test rode any Brompton and signed up to their newsletter you get this free water bottle which I thought was very cool

As promised we shall be getting out and about to cycling events more in future, if work allows.

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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