Friday 28 June 2024

Review: Garmin Edge 540

So after destroying my Wahoo Elmnt with my little tumble I thought it was time for an upgrade. I didn’t need anything to extreme as I’m not using all of the functions that high end cycling computers offered that I’ve had in the past.  After alittle research I was looking at getting the Beeline cycling computer but it was out of stock on Amazon for a good while. I did have a BeeLine a couple of years ago and thought about it again but in the end I went back to Garmin. So present for myself  (also The legends 15th birthday to day) was to get the  Garmin Edge 540

My first proper ride with it will be to the registration for the Brompton World Championships this coming weekend. Has a lot of features that i have to mess about with to get it just right but I’m enjoying it.

Edit: After the Brompton World Championships 2024 I have decided to return the Garmin Edge 540 & get the updated Wahoo Roam v2 (have to wait as AmazonUK don't have it in stock at time of writing Reason is cause it keeps crashing and freezing no matter what I do and to do navigation is a nightmare. 

it may take awhile cause amazon are out of stock unless I order from USA and pay taxes. Hell no I'll wait and just use my strava on my iPhone.

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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