Sunday 9 March 2014

Visiting the Olympic Park with some odd balls

A couple of months ago I was invited to a new cycling group. This group consisted of riders I have met on the iBikeLDN rides over the last year or so. So when there was ride planned for today I just had to join in. I knew the weather was going to be excellent as forecasters had siad this weekend would be the warmest this year.

Cause the weather was going to be so good I FINALLY was able to wear my awesome Bumble B cycling top to really show it off properly.

The meeting point wasn't to far from my work place so I cycled down. As always focusing on my cadence and breathing as I went. Basically treating every ride as a training ride as much as possible these days.

It turned out I was the first at the meeting point so me and the Legend just enjoyed the sunshine and as always a few photos.

The legend in summer mode. #urban #obags #ortlieb #yellow #brompton #bromptonbicycle

Turned out to be 6 of us all together for this ride and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather again.

Victoria Park, E9 (IR)
On this ride we would be getting into the Olympic Park which is slowly being opened up to the public in sections and by 30th March should be fully opened.

Made our way to the stadium and someone had the brilliant idea of a jumping photo. Cue lots of bemused people watching us jumping about like nutters trying to take photos. Likely my Olympus Tough 2 camera had a pretty good burst mode which came in handy for this kind of thing.

Jumping at the Olympic Park

Jumping at the Olympic Park

The legend visits the Olympic park #urban #brompton##Olympic #sunshine #cycling

Susanna L with the legend (IR)
Heading out of OP (IR)



and then things started to get REALLY silly.....


I'm going back to the 80's baby, B Pimping days

Going back to the 80's baby

Legends only go thata way

uh oh

Susanna L in Infra Red

*licky licky*

Thames River (IR)
Another good social ride, much needed when the weather turns out good like this.

Well I hope my readers got a chance to get out on their bikes cause if you didn't have a damn good reason BumbleB is not going to be happy.


  1. Great shots, you look like you had fun in the sun

    1. Sure was fun, and summer isn't properly here yet >:D

  2. Spring fling! What a lot of goofy fun -- and I'm making note of Susanna L's use of a leotard in weather that's still cool. That's just brilliant!

    1. She is a goofy one, everytime I meet her she's wearing something weird :) luv it

  3. That was a fun photo shoot. Loved your Bumble Bee shirt!

    1. Been dieing to wear it but the weather hasn't been warm enough till now

  4. That was a great photo shoot. Loved your Bumble Bee shirt!!