Thursday 26 December 2013

LBC Boxing Day Brompton Bimble

Recovering from Christmas is always a tough one. But having said that I had a great Christmas and didn't over indulge myself. I know all this cycling stuff is having a really bad effect on me. :P

With it being a Bank Holiday the transport system was having alot of closures so took me a little while longer to get to the meeting point of Richmond Costa Coffee.

There was about 10 of us all together on this ride and a few faces I haven't seen in awhile as aswell as a few new ones. "Welcome to the FOLD!"

BBB by the River Thames

Andy L telling us about a local landmark

On our way we stopped off at Syon House.
Syon House

Bumble B with Syon House in the background

LBC Group shot @ Syon House
WE did have a couple of non Brompton riders with us but wanted to stay out of the shot :( Bromptoneers don't bite, we just convert you to the ways of the fold ;)

Always big smiles on a LBC Ride
Continuing on we past though what looked like a working dock. All manner of boats in different states of repair.

We came across this wonderful artwork just off the river.

BBB & Metal Artwork

Close up fish details

BBB with new friend Clare U & her new P type
Couldn't find any information on this artwork but if I do I will update it.

I always love riding along the river, there is always something different and interesting to see along the river. Even if there isn't an event going on the weather makes for interesting and different photography opportunities.

We had a little stop off at Starbucks.

Now this was alittle detour to a graveyard & to the grave of the eccentric Richard Burton.

Stone Tent Tomb of Sir Richard Burton & his wife, Isabel

Amazing Details
The Sir Richard Francis Burton Project for more information on the man's life & his tomb.

After the tomb we started to head back to Richmond Station so ofcourse we headed back though Richmond Park. It's a real pity is so far away from me as I would like to go training there more often.

View of the Thames River over Terrace Field
There is a famous road called Nightingale Lane. This has been the training hill for many of the hardcore members of the LBC. For the irst time actually rode up this hill. I always thought that when BBB was a 3 speed I wouldn't even attempt it but now BBB was 6 speed I had to at the very least attempt it.

The first part of the hill wasn't to bad it was what I was expecting and I was going up pretty good in 1st gear with good cadence & breathing, but then turning the corner for the final 300 yards or so it got MEAN. It surprised me how steep it got and I had to put a foot down to catch my breathe. BIG mistake as starting off on the VERY STEEP gradient was near impossible but some how I did manage to get going again and finish this badboy of a hill.

Definitely going to be doing this hill on a regular basis so help me gauge how well I'm doing in fitness and my hill climbing. Maybe find some similar ones closer to home as its a bit of a trek for me to come all the way to Richmond.

After Nightingale Lane it was a short ride to Richmond Station. Because it was bank holiday alot of the overground & underground train lines where having works done so I have to take replacement bus to a working part of the underground system and then home. I always love taking shots of BBB on the train platform. It's like the perfect way to explore the city without to much hassle.

BBB patiently waiting...
Another great ride with the LBC as always, thank you to the ride leads, Andy L & David P & everyone who came along. Hope to see alot more fellow Bromptoneers in 2014, its going to be even more legendary than 2013, trust me on this.

As always my ride data is available for viewing and study :P

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