Saturday 25 May 2013

Too tired for the FNRttC

Last night I was supposed to do the FNRttC: Burnham on Crouch with a few others from the LBC. I hadn't been sleeping to well this whole week. I ended up working early on the Friday (05:00 - 15:00) and thought I may have been able to catch a nap before the ride.

Well it was a good plan but I didn't get my nap/recharge at all and by the time I was due to leave to head to the meeting point with my fellow LBC hardcore I was too knackered and I personally think it would have been unsafe for me to ride. I think my body was holding out for the bank holiday weekend to recharge itself.

I'm sad I didn't go as it was going to be a good one as when the FNRttc ended at Burnham on Crouch the LBC riders where going to continue on to Southend itself and even a little ferry crossing in the mix. Well summer hasn't really started here yet so still time for some good rides to be had.

Speaking of which I just got the riders pack for the London Nightrider 2013 that's happening on the 8th-9th June.

It's starting to get real, real fast...
Rider Pack 2013

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