Monday 20 May 2013

The Urban Challenge, Brompton Style

Woke up pretty early on Sunday. was excited as it would be the Brompton Urban Challenge today which me and Bumble B have been looking forward to.

I headed down to the meeting point "Look Mum, No Hands" in Old Street. A few days before I had gone past in a bus after purchasing Bumble B's awesome black seat post.

Set my Garmin Edge 800 to Look Mum, No Hands and headed off.

On arriving a police van turned up and I thought "oh dear its going to turn ugly!" but no they here offering free registering to Bike Register. They put on a serial number on your bike which is near impossible to remove and add your details to the data base. So if ever your bike gets stolen and is recovered they will be able to contact you and return your bike. Bumble B got his tattoo checked and all is good.
Brompton Crowd Gathers

Mr. O taking photos

Great Hot Chocolate
After registering and gathering the LBC Admin Team we all had a little catching up talk trying to figure out what we was going to do. We got clues in a red envelope, which was opened and had a good think about our first stop. We was almost ready to go when someone said that we couldn't start til 11:00hrs. Damn we thought we could get a head of the game but we got spotted.
Brompton giving us safety talk
LBC Admin Team +1
Our first port of call was Olympia in answer to one of the challenges, if I remember correctly the question was where was Brompton's first ever award given.
Next challenge we ended up at the birth place of the design of the Brompton Bicycle by Andrew Richie. The Brompton Oratory.
While here at the Oratory one of our group spotted there was a start pattern in the forecourt so we arranged our Bromptons for a creative photo opportunity.

The Brompton Star

Heading down Oxford Street

Wellington Arch, Hyde Park
I didn't remember what the next challenges where as it was all a bit of a blur in trying to figure out how to get there, get the photo and get back to the start point.

A Piper
A blue plaque

Ann being silly, phone in glove

At checkpoint getting new Challenges
Track stand challenge

Bumble B outside the famous Umbrella Shop, New Oxford Street

Outside St. Pauls
As much as the challenges we could do we headed back to Look Mum, No Hands before the deadline.

As part of the event everyone got a token for a free drink & something from the special Brompton Lunch menu. I choose the very yummy Taco type thing with Chilli. Was very tasty and everything else looked just as good. If you get the chance do go and have something to eat there
Spare Wheel anyone?

Yum yum

Check the name of the beer ;)
 When we was there we saw a few of the photos other teams had taken and been printed out for everyone to see and vote on.
Printed Photos

Building the Gallery of photos

Bumble B looking awesome
Well after awhile everyone in my team started to head back home. For me I could have just taken a bus almost to my front door but seeing it was still a nice day I rode all the way home.
On the way back I spotted this bit of street art and had to stop and take a quick shot.

A pretty good day but then again it always is whenever we go out. Another ground breaking event organized by Brompton. May need a little more fine tuning but a good start. More ways to show the world that Brompton Bicycles are not just for commuting but also for having fun.

Brompton Urban Challenge Garmin Data

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  1. Thanks for the great photos of you guys on your bikes. Going around London on your bikes looks like you did lots of cool things.