Sunday 12 May 2013

Bumble B on Thames Bridges Charity ride

This is my first ever charity ride and for Stroke Association, UK

Me & my cycling partner in crime OrangeBrompton did the Standard Route which was 16 Bridges & about 34 miles.

As well as my normal compact camera I decided to also take my Infra-Red (converted Canon Digital Rebel) camera seeing the weather looked to be good for it and I so wanted to get my IR shots as early as possible.

For once I was DEAD on time at the meeting point and Mr.O was actually late *shock horror* yes dear readers you heard it here first. When my cycling partner did arrive we set our satnav to guide us to the offical start point for the ride which was Southwark Park, South London.
Millennium Bridge (IR)
Along the way we could see a few other riders heading in the direction of the starting point so we decided to follow them. I made a point of actually asking them if they where actually going to the start point and not already on the ride.

We arrived at Southwark Park which was busy with activity & we headed to registration. Seeing that we already had our T shirts and rider numbers we was told we could head off to the start line and go.

Registration Tent
Bumble B all ready to go
Approaching start line
Heading off to our first bridge which is one I'm very familiar with
Tower Bridge
Just a few on this ride >:D
I have to say this ride was pretty well marshalled. Marshall's where at all the turning points making sure we going in the right direction. As always Bumble B gets alot of good comments as we roll by.
London Bridge
Continuing on though London traffic I started to lose count of the bridges as I was just enjoying the day. The weather was perfect for cycling, nice and sunny & dry. It was a little windy but in the city it wasn't to bad. There was mention of rain later on in the day but hopefully we would be finished by the time the rain came.
Southwark Bridge
Good bridge this with a proper separate cycle path in blue. A part of the London's cycling infrastructure (CS7)
Black Friars Bridge

Approach to Waterloo Bridge

Waterloo Bridge
Approaching Big Ben & Westminster Bridge
 I have to say the tourist thought it was pretty amusing seeing so many cyclists rolling past them. A few asked what we was up to and told them it was a charity ride for Stroke, UK
Westminster Bridge
Approaching Lambeth Bridge

Waiting to go over Lambeth Bridge
Passing Battersea Power Station

Chelsea Bridge
Pit Stop 1
As we approached Pitstop 1 in Battersea Park the volunteers where handing out bottles of water which was well needed. We was promised a Mars bar but it wasn't til Pitstop 2.
Bumble B & OrangeBrompton (IR)
Battersea Park
Most remember to come back again to this park as it would look great for my IR photography.

As we had a little breather, drink and munches another rider that remembered me and Bumble B at the IG London Nocturne earlier in the year offered to take our photos with my camera.
The LBC Duo
and then we was off to the next bridge

Albert Bridge

Battersea Bridge
Wandsworth Bridge
Waiting at the traffic lights
Putney Bridge
As we headed off towards Richmond we went pretty close to the Thames river where there are quiet a few rowing clubs out training I would think.
Rowing club

We approached Pit Stop 2 at Suffolk Road Recreation Grounds. Again lots of volunteers handing out bottles of water and the promised Mars Bar.
Bumble B taking a good rest
 I noticed this lovely very friendly dog with a ball. I thought at first he was playing with his owner a cyclist but he/she wasn't.
This VERY smart dog would pick up the ball and drop it near someone and look at the ball and then the person. Inviting you to pick up the ball and throw it so he/she could play fetch. It was so lovely to see and even I had a little fetch too.
Very friendly dog playing fetch
Catching the ball
Bumble B & OrangeBrompton (IR)

Playful dog (IR)

Bumble B taking some sun (IR)

Bumble B (IR)
Off again as we was only at the 17 mile mark and still another 4 bridges to go.

On route to the next 4 bridges

Chiswick Bridge
Kew Bridge

Lovely views along the Thames

Heading though Richmond Park
Pitstop 3 the final one before the finish near Hampton Court
Bumble B (IR)

Other riders taking a little rest

OrangeBrompton & Bumble B in the shade
After this last pitstop we pushed on though the rest of the route to finish this ride off. It was only another 3 bridges (Kingston, Hampton Court, & Walton Bridges) & only 8 miles left. So we pushed on wanting to get to the finish and head home without a big rush of other cyclist.

Once we crossed the finish line I was pretty surprised that there was medals being handed out to people that finished the ride. I have to say OrangeBrompton was VERY happy to see this unexpected gift as he has a thing for medals. Me too I'm afraid now.

Bumble B, Aberdeen Burger & fries (IR)

Bumble B, Aberdeen Burger & fries

VERY tastey Burger

Bumble B buzzing a flower

On the train back to Central London
Once again I'd like to thank everyone that sponsored me on this ride and there will be other sponsored & sponsored  rides in the future. Probably one of the best rides to date with all the marshals guiding us on our way and cheering every cyclist on. Made all the difference esp at the finish line where even I couldn't resist cheering myself.
Thames Bridges Bike Ride 2013 Medal
The final total I raised was £80 for Stroke Association, UK.

Not bad for my first ever charity ride but then again I only started asking for sponsorship the week before the event itself. When I'm doing stuff for charity I should start alot earlier *nods*

Thames Bridges 2013 Ride Data


  1. Well done Mr.Bee, a damned good blog and pics.
    I'm gad that you and Mr.O. Had a good ride, and raised money for a very worthwhile cause.
    Well done Sir.

  2. Really like the IR photos. First time I've seen them.