Monday 11 February 2013

Review: The BXC Hidden Magnet for Cadence Sensors

Not so long ago I decided install my Garmin GSC 10 Cadence/Speed sensor that came with my Garmin Edge 800 with Heart Rate, Cadence & Full European Road Mapping.

Until recently I had only used the basic unit and the European City Maps. After the LBC: London to Cambridge Ride and talking with a few other cyclist I thought it would be time for me to up my training and strengthen my overall cycling. To this end I installed the Cadence Sensor which uses a magnet attached to the crank/pedal. The Garmin magnet is a big huge thing compared to the BXC Magnet.
BXC Hidden Magnet & Garmin GSC 10 Magnet

This is how I installed the Garmin GSC 10 Magnet on The Legend's crank arm. It has a sticky back but it didn't feel very sticky to me so I made sure it wasn't going to get lost by putting a zip tie around it.
Garmin GSC 10 Magnet

Garmin GSC 10 Magnet
With the BXC because its a very strong magnet I didn't need to use zip tie to keep it on.

BXC Hidden Magnet

BXC Hidden Magnet
I've used this indoors for now as the weather in the UK is pretty bad, as I type this it has been snowing. I shall update this review if anything changes regarding this magnet when I've been on a ride but I got a feeling this thing won't move, let alone fall off any time soon. On the information on the link below it says there is a strong force of attraction equal to about 2kg and should resist the pressure of a jet wash. Hell I needed a screw driver to get it off when I tried to remove it. It's THAT strong.

The BXC is available in Silver & Black

Link: BXC Hidden Magnet for Cadence

Thanks to Macro Bartalini for the BXC Hidden Magnet Sensor for review


  1. Hi, I am trying to install my Garmin GSC 10 Cadence/Speed sensor on my brompton. If I install the GSC 10 for the speed sensor, the distant of the brompton crank arm is so far away from the GSC 10, how did you get it to work ? Thanks.

    1. I never got the speed part to work I only use the Cadence part.

      I have seen someone use 3rd party sensor where the cadence & speed sensor are separate but connected with a short cord so it can be placed in a position to get the data from the pedal magnet (cadence data) & the spoke magnet (speed data)