Saturday 9 February 2013

Free Mapping on the Garmin Edge 800

Yesterday a member (David P LBC's path finding wizard) of the LBC group made a posting about Garmin Edge 800 and using free OSM maps. I had always wanted to put different more detailed maps on my Garmin but always found the sites I looked at very complex to do so it put me off.

I read David's posting then followed the yourtube video he had found. Followed the instructions and it was all done within 8mins (most of that was just copying over the file to a microSD card)

Do a search for website "talkytoaster" (should be the first thing to come up on your search) to download the maps & follow the video instructions below. (Video tells you exactly which file to download from talkytoaster)

Here is a couple of screen grabs of my Garmin's screen with the different maps. 

City Maps
OSM Maps

City Maps
OSM Maps

My Tips:
  1. Copy the file to your MicroSD card though a card reader as it's much faster than doing it though the Garmin itself.
  2. Get a good quality (High Class) MicroSD card (I personally recommend Class 10 & 4Gb minimum)
    You probably won't fill it all unless you intend on using ALL the OSM maps for the whole planet at once

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