Friday 28 September 2012

The night before The LBC Ride: Richmond to Oxford Ride 2012

Well after coming home from work this afternoon and riding in abit of rain I had to clean up Bumble B abit. I was going to jump on the bus but I thought better of it as I would have got home faster anyways with it being a Friday and all.

The Legend is all cleaned up and abit of oil here and there. Everything else is on charge and ready for the off.

I even have my breakfast of Porridge & toast all on standby ready to go in the morning too not that I'll get that much sleep anyway, I'm BUZZING!!!! >:D

The Legend once again is ready....
Current Contents of O Bag
  • Afew cereal bars & bag of dried fruit & nuts
  • Couple of small bottles of water (in addition to the 2 cycle bottles)
  • 3 inner tubes, puncture repair kit & spanner
  • First Aid kit (mostly plasters) & sewing kit
  • Backup rear lights and headlamp
  • Cool shades
  • Backup yellow poncho
  • New HiVis waterproof jacket
  • Extra T shirt
  • Camera 
  • External battery pack to charge phone
Thats all I can think of to take with me, don't want to load myself up too much. I guess I should start winding down to make sure I can get up in the morning to get to the starting point in time.

Me excited?

narrrrrrr I'm BUZZZING!!!!!!! >:P

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