Thursday 27 September 2012

Prep for LBC Ride: Richmond to Oxford Ride

Dear friends, me and fellow Brompton riders will be entering 60+ miles of wild open countryside exist between Richmond & Oxford.
What mysterious encounters, magical beings & evil monsters will come across our path no one knows. All we can say dear friends is that we have prepared for everything and anything that could happen but life is never that simple.

Am I mentally prepared?
Probably not

Am I physically prepared?

Am I scared?

But I'm not doing this alone. A whole gang of Brompton riders will be on this ride, current count is 11 (maybe more) but still a good turn out. We are not rushing this one as I'm guessing for a most of us it will be the first time we have ever done a big long ride of this type.

Tomorrow after work I'm going to be spending some quality time with "The Legend", getting him cleaned up, oiled and ready for the big day.

Will be packing the O bag with some things that would need to be with me for a long ride but I'll probably forget something I'll need.

Short list of things I'll be taking with me (probably get things added to it as time draws near)
  • Puncture repair kit, 3 spare inner tubes & spanner
  • 2 Water bottles
  • Sandwiches & Oat type heath bars
  • Back up Ponchos
  • Camera
Hopefully I wont be needing much more as I want to travel light and not have too much to worry about. Last thing I want to do is bring something and not have a use it.


  1. BumbleBee:
    Have a great time and take lots of photos.
    I hope to see lots of colorful, English countryside.
    Peace :)

    1. Well definitely try to take loads of pics when I'm not pumping my little legs around >:D