Monday 3 September 2012

Review: Folding Fantasy by Lauren Peppiatt

This is going to be something a little different to what I have done in the past.

When I was at Brompton World Championships 2012 @ Blenheim Palace on 19th August 2012 there where quiet a few people exhibiting things all around. Mostly bike related stuff, bikes, clothing etc but also artist works to.
I heard about one of the members of the London Brompton Club who had a daughter that was abit artist and had did a Brompton Bicycle print which had to be seen to be believed. So with that in mind I went in search of the tent which housed wonderful piece of artwork. Looking though quiet abit of cycling related art works done my Lauren ofcourse "Folding Fantasy" caught my eye instantly.

At the time it never occurred to me to buy the print. I guess I was abit overwhelmed by the whole BWC 2012 experience to think clearly. I put the word out about remembering the print and was hoping to buy a print to hang in my new home with it bare walls.
So as Lauren put it she heard though the Brompton grapevine that I was looking for some artwork for a bare wall. >:D I was quiet willing to pay for the print but Lauren told me she'd settle for a blog post about the print >:)

"Folding Fantasy" by Lauren Peppiatt 2012
Made up from Brompton Bicycle parts (Limited Edition only 100 prints)
By Lauren Peppiatt 2012

By Lauren Peppiatt 2012

By Lauren Peppiatt 2012

As you can see from the photographs above how much details are in this print and was told it took her quite awhile to complete and it shows true dedication to her craft. The whole print is made up of parts that are on a Brompton Bicycle as well as the whole image making up a Brompton Bicycle too.
I'm very happy with this print for some reason I thought it was smaller but its the perfect size for hanging on a wall of a Brompton bicycle mad person like yours truly (measures 30cm x 42cm and is printed on beautiful heavy 300gsm matte art board). Now I just have to get a really nice frame and find some place awesome to show it off just right. Got an idea on frame so watch this space...;)

Link to purchase this print here (Only 100 Prints)

Lauren's facebook page here.

Please take the time have a look at her work, there maybe something that catches your eye :)

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