Monday 19 August 2019

Legend goes to FantastiCon2019

Yeah this blog entry is pretty late on posting but its here and I will be trying to post more in future, anyway on with this post.

So we heard of FantastiCon though a few twitch streamers that I regularly watch and thought it would be fun for me and the legend to attend this event. I've always wanted to go to a gaming event and hopefully will be going to more in future.

I decided to cycle all the way from home to Kings Cross so started out early to make sure I didn't miss my train. While waiting I got myself this interesting Porridge from LEON. Porridge with banana and cinnamon. OMG

Banana & Cinnamon Porridge

On train ready to get off for Doncaster and the combination lock I got to make sure BBB wasn't going anywhere didn’t undo. Thought I got the numbers wrong and they so small I couldn’t see. Asked someone to check the numbers but it was right but lock didn’t unlock. Had to cut the teeth off that was stopping it from coming off and cut my finger alittle. Delayed the train a few mins but had to go next stop.

Because if that I had to go to the next station along the line, lucky it was only another 30mins to the next stop so I just crossed platforms and came back but by this time I was tired from the stress and straight up tired. Next time  plan to come the day BEFORE the event so I can travel, book into hotel and chill out and maybe cycle around alittle and take more photographs.

Cause of this I wasn't really feeling like taking photographs as I just wanted to get to check in &  Cleethorpes Leisure Center where FantastiCon and see what was going on and meet a couple of people. My hotel was about 5 miles from the center, so punched in the post code and off the legend and I went.

As always me and the legend catch peoples eye while we went, I dont think the people pf Grimsby have seen anything like us before which drew a few shout sand waves.

Finally met my Jedi Master in all things VR related as soon as o came though the front door of  the center Malic_VR on twitch. He like me isn't so good at these events, so pretty much just said hi as he was on his way somewhere. Maybe next time we could chat alittle and a photo next time, but I was happy to finally see him in the flesh.

There was plenty of drink on hand and I found this great cider called Bee Sting so had to try it out. Got to say it was pretty damn good.

While we was there I was taken around by the organiser of the whole event that really looked after me and I managed to have a go on the Oculus Quest. I have to say it was pretty nice and if I didnt already have the Rift S

One thing I didn't count on was finding this little treasure. It was hand made by one of the people that worked at Cleethorpes Leisure Center and its a work of art. Based on the TV show Peaky Blinders I'm assuming.

Attention to detail is amazing

Tobacco holder?

Whiskey holder

Well while I was going the town of Grimsby I did manage to take a few snap shots while we cycled around.

Well it was the last day of the event so me and the legend said our good byes and headed back to the HiVE back int he big smoke.

Will definitely be going again next year and hopefully without so much drama on the way up again.

till the next ride, bee safe.....


  1. I'm using a Kryptoflex Cable 2.5ft (Kryptonite) with a padlock when I can't use my Abus Bordo.It's simple and easy. I also wear glasses so I can see the numbers on the padlock. Try both.

    1. I only really wanted to use a lock incase i fell asleep on the train or didn't get a seat close to the rack Used it in an emergency and got "stung" by it :D

      Definitely look into just getting a key padlock type thing for situations like that.