Thursday 12 December 2019

More legendary upgrades?

So a few months ago I got contacted by Laurel over at BrommieMods

BrommieMods is a website where you can get Coloured Metal Chainguards And Mudguards / Fenders For Brompton and even arrange complete resprays of your beloved Brompton.

Brommiemods is a small business taking over production and supply of Brompton metal chainguards from Tiller Cycles. It was Graham at Tiller cycles who first invented the metal chain guards and mudguards that are so superior to plastic in both looks and durability. He took it upon himself to manufacture them in his workshop and sell to the Brommie masses. On his retirement, we at Brommiemods are continuing and expanding on his good work. Order your Brompton-compatible chain and/or mudguard with 100% confidence. Satisfaction guaranteed!  

I've had one of Graham's yellow chain guards for yrs.

Anyways I've been using the original Brompton mudguards and over the years I have gone though a few sets of the plastic ones. When BrommieMods contacted me about some new ideas and processes they have undergone with the metal mudguards we had to get something worked out for the legend.

I also had the idea of painting the mudguard stays but BrommieMods had already done something like this  already with a CPT3 project. I still had a spare set of mudguard stays so sent those off to get painted at the same time as the new metal mudguards.

I've had the metal mudguards and stays for a good few months now and ridden in all weathers and conditions. They are TOUGH. I won't getting replacement ones unless I want different colours or something with these puppies.

There are a couple more small upgrades that I haven’t had the chance to install yet but most people wouldn’t even notice unless I pointed them out which I always do when people ask what new with the legend.

As I have said you can approach BrommieMods with any ideas you have and they will see what they can do you get your Brompton PERFECT.

SPOILER: I did get a discount but this in no way changes how I review goods or services. You get honest straight up reviews in my blog ALWAYS!!!

Here is a link to BrommieMods

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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