Thursday 1 September 2016

More legendary? Damn straight

Back in July I found out that Brompton had released the Black Edition Brompton parts that you could buy. Thanks to my partner in crime My Orange Brompton for giving me the heads up.

I always had the plan to change out parts on Bumble B to be black as soon as I saw the Black Editions.

As always Brilliant Bikes came though for the legend as always.
  • Brompton BLACK crankset with 44T "spider" chainwheel
  • Brompton BLACK brake caliper - front - dual pivot
  • Brompton BLACK brake caliper - rear - dual pivot
  • Brompton BLACK brake lever set aluminium (pair)
  • Brompton BLACK headset 1 1/8", steel

I could have installed all this myself but I didn't have the proper time to spend doing it properly. Lucky my personal cycle engineer is near by and was happy to sort my boy out.

Within 5 mins of being in the shop my boy was on the bike stand and getting a worked on. I think they really love BBB and it shows in their work.

Original headset
I had to go back to work & leave my boy overnight but I knew he would be fine. I'd be lieing if I said I wasn't missing him badly. Hoping he wasn't missing me too much but we both knew it was for the best. 

Turned out he needed a little more work that planned. The bottom bracket was basically dead so needed replacing.

New black edition brake levers

Black edition Spider crank & matching 44T Chainring
My guy forgot my custom yellow chainring guard but I had an idea. Why not get black bolts as I needed slightly longer bolts for it to fit on the chain wheel anyways. Abit of digging & he found some. 

It's the little things that matter.

Bling Bling baby
Looking good there Bumble B but if I find some brake pad holders in yellow they will be changed out. ;)

Front Brake Caliper
Turned out the rear brake caliper was also pretty much worn out and dead so it was a good thing I was changing everything out.

Rear Brake Caliper
48hrs later my boy was ready. As always Mamchari Walthamstow did a AWESOME job on my boy.

His back and up to speed as always. I can guess that Bumble B is about 98% finished, just spokes, hubs & saddle rails to be done and the legend will be DONE ! 

til the next ride, bee safe

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